Why Choose US?

The answer to that question would be, “why not?”
Let us explain the reason for this “answer”.

First of all, regardless of who you are: designer, company or private individual, in choosing Marmoresin or Fibreglass for your coping and building finishing work, you must be aware that you are making an excellent investment, which pays off over time.

Marmoresin and Fibreglass, in fact, are today the only materials that, in addition to giving an excellent appearance to buildings, guarantee the PROTECTION of walls and facades from the classic wear caused by the weather and which then require expensive maintenance to be restored.

The classic materials used for this type of work, such as cement, terracotta and sheet metal, do NOT have the same features and are subject to deterioration.

Below you can see what we mean.


Sheet metal


Such deterioration causes inevitable aesthetic and structural problems to buildings, including:







These unfortunate and unpleasant scenarios are quite common and we are sure you have already seen them. If not, try looking around when you leave the house and you’ll see that you’ll have no trouble finding them.

Everything is caused by the poor waterproofing of the coping materials used and which inevitably, over time, instead of protecting, act as a deposit and entrance for: water, humidity, dirt and bacteria.

Why choose COPRIMURO SRL products

Answering this question is even easier for us.

Although it was us who imported and used Marmoresin and later Fibreglass, for coping and finishing products in the building sector, as always happens with successful products, over time imitations were produced which, at least apparently, looked the same.

The point is that this is NOT the case. Here are the FIVE elements that differentiate us.


Coprimuro Srl products are the ONLY truly certified ones, unlike others that confuse certifications with “test reports”.

Certification is obtained only after a long process, which includes tests and analyses, that lasts years.

It is a set of test reports generated over time, which concern ALL the production process, from the choice of raw materials, to formulation, technical functionality of the finished product and actual duration over time.

A certified product is a guarantee of proven QUALITY.

In this page you can download and view ALL the actual COPRIMURO SRL certifications.


As already mentioned, Marmoresin and Fibreglass coping and building finishing products are our creation. In over 40 years of tests, trials and applications performed by us, we know the compounds (and the various reactions to external agents) inside and out.

Today we are the only ones who know the perfect, certified formula, which is a guarantee of end product quality and durability.


Thanks to the new technologies currently available, we have refined an exclusive technique to colour and treat the end product externally and give it a colour that is:

  • as natural as possible
  • weatherproof

We are the only ones on the market who can offer a wide range of colours.

To date we offer 13 different colours, divided between the lines: BASE, SMOKE, GRANITE and MOTTLED.


All our items are handmade, one by one, and produced from virgin raw materials.

5. DRAINING SYSTEM (specific Wall coping and Door Threshold and Windowsill covering)

In addition to the impeccable waterproofing of the compound, we have designed a special and exclusive system which acts as a drip moulding, preventing rainwater from rising up and consequently settling and infiltrating inside walls, preserving their durability over time.

So, the CONCRETE answer to the question “why prefer us” is this:

Because with the MARMORESIN® and FIBREGLASS coping and finishing products – COPRIMURO SRL, the walls and facades of the buildings to which they are applied will be constantly protected, beautiful to look at and will be maintenance free over the years.

This is a small investment that pays for itself quickly and brings enormous benefits over time.