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Coprimuro Original

Wall Cover: Voice of specification

Supply of coverage for railing and perimetral walls, having an inverted U-shaped outline with flat surface and a 18mm thickness for a suitable protection of the underlying railing or wall.

Composed of and obtained by the mix of various marble powders with resins and special adhesives.

Coated superficially by particular chemical enamels which make its color stand out, while increasing the resistance to atmospheric agents.

The inner bearing surface is provided with longitudinal grooves, etched obliquely to the vertical axis  such as to allow the adequate drying of adhesive (type C2TE S1), and therefore prevent the object undocking.


The section of the shear joints highlights counterbores both on the inside and on the outside wall.

The first is suitable to facilitate the laying; the second is designed to act as a drip (rail) and distance the rain drops from the underlying wall so that they don’t fall on the body.

The total height of the wall cover is 60mm and its length is 1200mm.

The consistency of the product is guaranteed by a high specific weight of the compound of not less than 2,100 kg / m3.