Advantages of Wall Cover in Marble Resin | Marmoedile Line
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Marble Resin: The Advantages

Marble conglomerates, compared with natural marbles and granites, have the following advantages:

  • greater chance of finding the stone material;
  • better mechanical characteristics that can be determined with greater safety;
  • greater color uniformity;
  • possible new aesthetic solutions, obtained from the mixture of different materials. 

Specifically the Marble resin Wall Cover has also the following advantages: 

  • prevents efflorescences;
  • prevents blackish smears;
  • prevents infiltrations;
  • prevents plaster swelling;
  • prevents cracks in the wall;
  • the  dripstone  (45° ; height 4 cm) prevents water from going back up and  therefore from wetting the wall;
  • it doesn’t require maintenance;
  • it can be cut and drilled for a possible railing  arrangement, without splintering it;
  • it can be adapted to any type of wall for both width and aesthetic combination;
  • lenght of 1,20 ml. 

Here are some real examples and therefore the disadvantages of buildings without marble resin wall-cover and the effects over time: