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Coprimuro Original

Marble Resin Wall Covers

The Marble-Resin Wall Cover, made in different forms and colors, is used to protect any kind of wall from infiltrations, rain-wash, efflorescences, chalking etc.. 

What kind of material is Marble Resin? Few people know what Marble Resin is; it can replace natural marble, it is obtained from the marble and resin powders for exterior; this material allows to realize products with particular sizes and shapes that would be difficult to obtain with natural marble.


Below we illustrate the marble resin realization process:

  • raw materials are selected, dosed and introduced into a mixing machine;
  • the resulting slurry is poured into an appropriate container;
  • the container is subjected to vibration, the air bubbles that can degrade its characteristics and the mechanical strength of the final product are removed;
  • during the processing the mass of material takes the form of an overturned “U” and, after a curing period necessary to obtain the maximum resistance, it follows the processing stage.

Marble Resin Products- Table of colors: