Windowsill Covering System: Installation |
Coprimuro Original

Windowsill Covering System: Installation

  • Calculate the height, length and depth of the installation position of the windowsill covering.
  • Choose the size.
  • Clean the surface of the old windowsill.
  • Use the Copritool accessory to cut the side insulation, and position and adjust the Coprisolpad 280.
  • Apply the silicone compound on the part in contact with the window frame.
  • Use a flat trowel to apply smoothing plaster to the internal part, with the help of the Coprisolpad 280. (This operation must be carried out first to avoid dirtying the windowsill covering.)
  • Cut the projecting excess of the Coprisolpad 280 with the cutting part of the Copritool.
  • Apply the Coprisolpad FB on the edge of the windowsill covering with the adhesive part in contact, taking care to leave a stub on the side for the insertion of the Coprisolpad 280.
  • For gluing, apply adhesive polyurethane foam or Coprilastik coating adhesive or a similar adhesive on the old windowsill.
  • Position the windowsill covering with the addition of the Coprisolpad FB. (Previously apply a layer of silicone compound to make contact with the window frame.