Looking for an innovative solution to protect your windowsills
from water infiltration and weathering in general?


The new TERMOSOGLIA by Coprimuro Srl
easy to apply and completely waterproof.

It prevents
water infiltration on windowsills.
It ensure
good thermal insulation.
It provide
endless customization options.
the formation of mold and condensation
It counteracts the action
of adverse weather conditions.
It guarantee
resistance to breakage and corrosion.
No need
to dismantle windows or frames.
save on bills
Discover new "Termosoglia" with "Termoimbotte".
Whatch the spot
by Coprimuro.net

Solid, lightweight and easy to assemble, it ensure complete waterproofing.
It is coupled with a thermoacoustic membrane which avoids the need for insulation.

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