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Balustrades and parapets

What are they for?

In buildings, railings and parapets fulfill an important function: they protect you from falling on deaf ears. Curious and enterprising by nature, children are a group of users at particular risk like the elderly who, with the passing of time, suffer alterations of visual and motor skills and possible fainting. We can fill the safety gaps. Railings, balustrades and handrails are structural measures that must protect people from falling. In multi-storey buildings are necessary proper structural measures in order for people in general to stay and move safely.

Basic rules:
the protection of railings, balustrades and similar elements against falls for superstructures and their relative accesses is regulated by the regional laws and regulations in force.

Legislation in Italy determines every 3 meters high 1 cm more of parapet from a minimum of 1 meter; therefore, on the 5th floor, we will have a railing of 1,05 meters. However, for aesthetic / practical reasons, the proper measure for all balconies is 1.10 meters.