About Us

The added value of COPRIMURO.NET comes from our having made history in the production of marble agglomerates and polyester resin (marble-resin) in the building trade.

We are a company established for a single purpose:

To understand how we have solved this problem and how we have since become the benchmark company in the building trade, for outdoor finishing products in MARMORESIN (and today also FIBREFLASS), we have to go back over 40 years.

It was in fact in the glorious 70’s when a businessman, a merchant of statuettes for decoration in marmoresin, knowing very well the remarkable properties of impermeability, ductility and lightness of the compound, had the idea of importing this fabulous material into the building trade.

The idea was to insert it into moulds, model it and use it as a substitute for marble and cement, classic materials used at the time for coping.

This idea immediately proved to be a winning one because, in addition to being totally innovative for the time, the first wall copings, small wall copings, door threshold and windowsill and column coverings produced in Marmoresin already had some immediately appreciable features: not only were they waterproof and nice to look at, but they weighed and cost less than marble or concrete products.

The rest is history and since then we have never stopped.

It should be noted that the product was different to how it appears today.
Although it had qualities that exceeded expectations and brought considerable added value to the sector, at the time the formula of the compound was not yet perfect and had limitations, albeit slight, that did not satisfy us.

The perfectionism that characterizes us, has prompted us to continually invest in research and development, to create a product of excellent quality as regards three fundamental aspects:

  • Good looks
  • Functionality
  • Waterproofness

Today our main line Marmoresin® – COPRIMURO.NET is considered the TOP OF THE RANGE in the industry, as it is made with an almost perfect, as well as the only really CERTIFIED compound.

All our products are the result of many years of tests passed on site, thanks also to the professional collaboration of competent technical operators in the sector.

We are proud to say that the formulation (reserved and exclusive) of our marmoresin, has been taken several times as an inspiration for the creation of similar products – also present on the market – but which are not able to guarantee the same quality standard.

The brand COPRIMURO.NET is currently distributed by COPRIMURO SRL.


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